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The hall was buzzing, laughing, cursing, indignant, singing, yelling... The hall was playing. Players of different breeds, fortunes and moods stuck around all roulettes, card tables and a bar from all sides

- Drake! Move, mother! Fast! Ai-Petri barked right into my ear. My tortoise slowness always infuriated him. I quickly slipped through the open door to the VIP room. The door silently, as if by magic, but in fact with the help of our security guard Uncle Styopa, closed behind me. Uncle Stepa's passport name was Stepan Ivanovich, but with his height of two meters, this nickname was the most harmless and kindest of the arsenal of possible "sleepers", "giraffes", "towers", and it corresponded to the passport data, not a nickname, but a legitimate one. interpretation. In general, we, the croupiers, do not give evil nicknames to either colleagues or clients. But people still get offended. Ai-Petri, if he hears that someone called him “Ai-Petri”, removes him from his shift without warning and the right to atonement. And I think it sounds nice. He is also quite tall slightly falls short of Uncle Styopa, in short, rises above all of us like Mount Ai-Petri. Why be offended?



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